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  1. hey, you're the man kyle! Just wondering how do you know when to adjust AWAY from the hole prior to the shot and how much to do it? Looks like you did it 2 or so rings. I see you did it several times.

  2. I just literally had a shot do the exact opposite of what this video describes. I had an 8.3 headwind. I was shooting less power than max(not minimum, but less than max). I aimed my ball as per a full power shot(bc i didnt know there was a wind adjustment needed due to power) and the ball stopped well short of where I expected it. If going by this video, using a less than max power shot but using the full max power chart, the ball should have gone further than I expected, not shorter. I actually contacted Playdemic about it, and they said, "the effect of the wind will be more as it was the tee shot which means the ball will stay in the air for a much longer time than all other shots". So I don't get it. Your video you clearly under adjust to the wind chart. My shot I would have needed to over adjust to the wind chart. Why isnt this the same?

  3. Just curious, so that driver at minimum going from 7.5 to 10, am I right to assume the same on the wood and long iron? For example a sniper at 5mph would be 6.5 ish?

  4. Finally got to watch this from end to end, explains some of the problems I have had with bad shots or wind that hasn't worked right. I could also use some clarification on the wind chart creator. I pretty much understand the max, mid and min parts but I don't understand the two numbers for each, I'd guess yards on the left, but can't figure out the right side numbers. Can you help?

  5. Do you have a video on overpower and underpower shots? Sometimes I use my Guardian and underpower, meaning I dont draw the shot back all the way, and it gives me some interesting results.

  6. this takes too much damn time, by the time i freakin line the shot up the countdown already started. Then i didn't even turn the angle around for the arrow to point straight up to adjust smh

  7. Here is my wind guide… the ring system is the best way but one thing to keep in mind is if you are not hitting 100% of a club the adjustment will be less. The guide is precise but in game I just guesstimate, the key thing is to know how much difference there is between the max and min distance of a club, like the hornet- at max distance the target covers 10.4 yards(5.2 per side), but at it's min distance it covers 13.8(6.9per). (next i need to add a 110% line for overpower)

  8. Really elementary question from a beginner…. When I zoom in to line up North… How do I pull the Shot into position? All i'm doing is moving my screen/zoom. Hope that makes sense. Anyone?

  9. Excellent video. Extremely helpful. Another way to look at it when using minimum power, is to only move it 75% of the value. In other words, if you have 50% accuracy, instead of moving it 10 (the outer ring), move it to 7.5 (just inside the 2nd to last ring).

  10. Great video and tons of help but…I don't understand why but this doesn't seem to work for approach shots with less than full power. The rings get smaller as the target is pulled closer to the ball, right??? This would seem to make adjusting for wind the same but I've been burned sooooo many times trying it. I get sick of trying to make a surgical strike and losing to a golfer using Kentucky windage, "meh, this spot looks good." I know, I know, luck happens but I bet everyone who found their way to this page has had to talk/drink themselves out of a homicidal rage because this has happened.
    I do think using the take shot button is more precise, maybe for me anyway.

  11. So to summarize for all clubs, would you say that when hitting w/ a club at minimum power, multiply the wind factor by 1 1/3 (since your example of 7.5 (x1 1/3) –> 10)? Also, I've seen in the comments that this doesn't work for the wedges – could that just be b/c you rarely hit those clubs at full power, and so it could be figured out by estimating how much to adjust the wind factor (somewhere between 1 and 1 1/3)? Thanks for the video – it's immediately a huge help!

  12. Absolutely OUTSTANDING work and information gathering! Thank you Kyle and Tommy for being generous enough to share all that valuable information that must have taken hours of precise figuring and gathering of information, making sure to gather it all without variables changing the results, wow can’t thank you enough!

  13. Hey guys I've created a spread sheet with a calculator that will auto calculate your 5 rings when you enter a wind value from the chart, it makes it very easy to get new values when upgrading or switching clubs. I'd love to share it with your subscribers. Can you contact me with where I could send it to you?

  14. Ok. The power portion almost broke my brain. But I think what you're saying is: If I hit the ball with less power, it has less forward velocity and the wind carries it more in any given direction. That's why the rings are wider. Correct?

  15. What is the accuracy adjust for the rough iron when a ball is in the rough? It seems like the size of the target doesn't match the accuracy number. So I'm wondering if the cut of the rough changes the number. Thanks!

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