1. Tipping the club out is a little strange at first but when you finally "get" it it is pretty incredible. It is actually a barely perceptible movement that you don't have to think about. Also with this method the clubhead squares up at impact automatically because of centrifugal force. If you make the effort to understand and use what Mike is teaching it may just change your golfing life.

  2. Now if one pulls up the video, "clubface control," it will blow your mind more. I lost it a longtime time ago with this video because I started turning the wheel with the right hand but never would allow the initial turn at the start of the swing. Omg, it really works, and now the confusion is gone.

  3. Only issue I have with this movement is the hands dropping straight down toward the ground. Bradley Hughes (GolfAus) teaches the hands move outward and the forearms rotate clockwise at the start of the downswing then counter clockwise with body rotation to square the clubface. It promotes an inside approach to the ball. That works well for me.

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  6. The negative comments from this video come from disgruntled amateur chops that watch too much golf channel and magazines. Lol George Carlin said it best. “Think of how stupid the average person is and realized half of the are even dumber that that.”

  7. What a revelation! I've been playing "over the Top and/ or stuck behind for 30 yrs !. ONE afternoon using this drill and I'm sold ! Clubhead is moving way faster with much less effort….Where do I sign up 😊

  8. I have taken Golf swing lessons from this guide “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). They develop a custom model based on your arm length, height, shoulder width, club length, and so forth. The lessons have been extremely useful, allowing me to drop my handicap from a 22 to a 15 in the last year.

  9. There might not be a better drill for players of any ability! What is the biggest problem with ALL golfers…..good…..bad …..new…..experienced? The SYNCHING of their arms and body at impact! If every golfer got to impact with their shoulders square to the target (therefore with their arms/hands directly in front of their chest……yes, I know about Furyk, Trevino, Daly, Player, and all of those that are 'open' at impact……and I can explain those in another post if required…..), the average score would plummet and golf would just become a putting contest; and this drill does more to get people to feel that 'proper' impact than any other drill out there! It doesn't matter how fast or slow you swing, whether you take the club back to the 'inside' or to the 'outside', getting to impact requires the SAME MOVE.
    The ONLY piece of instruction missing, here, is where Mike shows that at impact, the 'handle' of that racquet is pointed straight at the sky and his shoulders are square to the target line……which, no doubt, he would have if he had another minute or two……
    It's not easy…..in fact, it's an unnatural feeling (to most of us not named Nicklaus, Woods, Knudson, or Wright). The baseball swing feels natural but you have to hit a ball travelling 95 mph…….the golf swing is unnatural which is why the ball is just sitting there…..both games then become similarly difficult to excel at…..

  10. I've seen Justin Rose do a similar move in his practice swings. I may be misunderstanding but where are you with what Clay Ballard calls the straight line release? That's to say that the handle only points between the arms after impact. The move you are teaching would suggest that straight line release position is before the ball.

  11. Can't say this idea is rubbish but it seems to be geared for players with a lot of ability and unlimited time to practice. Making an independent move from the top to reroute the club is one thing but doing it under extreme pressure is something else. Check out this video of Hogan – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDO9GKrdS0I – there's no indication he's making any attempt to direct the club head outside the hands and swing from the inside and Hogan's swing has no equal.

  12. I liked the video because I know that what you feel and what actually happens during the golf are usually different.

    Swing in a mirror looking at your backswing and downswing starting out in slow motion. Pick up the pace as you go.

  13. For what it is worth!! I believe his theory to be solid this does not mean I can perform it . Moe Norman's move gives me the best results. It allows for a lot lack of talent. If I was trying to develop a conventional swing , mikes concept would be my model.

  14. 90 % of all amateurs swings from the Outside. And your genius idea is that they should feel like they swing from outside. That doesnt make any sense to me at all!

  15. Agreed with many comments here. Might be a useful thought for advanced players – but I can't see how this would help a high or mid handicap (like myself). I need to feel like I'm going down, under, and through – swinging down the 1st base line — not out and around. That would really encourage a fade swing. Deadly for beginners.

  16. Possibly the worst advice I've ever heard! This move would be absolutely devastating to anyone with a decent swing. Yes, it will cause over the top. That's exactly what he's advocating. The right forearm rotates in the wrong direction much too early … truly the worst advice I've ever seen a veteran instructor like Mike give. He must be trying to drum up business by destroying swings.

  17. the club doesn't gain weight in the downswing. this is absurd.

    it's like a wrecking ball on a chain, your arms are the chain and your body is the crane. you don't manipulate the chain, you manipulate the crane(your body) by turning, and letting the arms swing through. any attempt to manipulate the chain throws off the whole sequence.

    i've never heard of any good player talking about doing anything with their arms or hand in the downswing unless they're trying to compensate for something their body didn't do, like turn.

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