44 Replies to “THE ULTIMATE DRIVER BATTLE – Titleist TS3 vs Taylormade M3 vs Ping G400 vs Mizuno ST180”

  1. I'm using the M3 and absolutely love it!!! I love the distance it gives me. I obviously don't have a perfect swing and it's been pretty forgiving. I love your videos by the way!! Let's do and let's do it now!!!!

  2. I just recently went and got fit for a new driver. My swing speed is pretty quick but my spin is high. Out of all of the new drivers, the TS3 kept my spin rate lower than all the others and I gained quite a bit of distance. The Srixon was the worst. All of the others were pretty much the same as far as the spin rate and distance. I love everything about the TS3.

  3. Disappointed you couldn't get the Rogue to try against these. I'm in the market for a new driver at the minute and probably going to go for either Rogue sub zero or TS3. Keep up the good work James👍🏼

  4. I wasn't in the market for a new driver until I visited a driving range a couple of weeks ago on holiday, trying to get some balls hit during a rained out afternoon, and they had a Mizuno promotion on: Buy the GT180 and get a free 3-wood. Well, I had give it a whirl then didn't I….and it felt pretty amazing apart from looking stunning behind the ball. Couldn't pass up the offer but they didn't offer the shaft I use, so there could be some rework getting my shafts put in, so the 913D3 isn't in jeopardy of losing prime position in the bag yet….the new bats arrive Wednesday so will head straight to the range and see how they perform. Never would have picked myself to choose a Mizuno…

  5. James! Keep trying both drivers! It was so close for me between the M3 and TS3 I keep wanting to go back and try the M3 again! lol! I wish I could game them both for a while to really know for sure but my wife would kill me! You on the other hand can do exactly that! Do it ! ! !

  6. I game the TS3 and I love it. It took a little while to fully adjust to it. To be fair it's not in small part because I'm going through a swing change with my new coach right now. That said, I've largely got it sorted out now and have found it to be spectacular club. I can really shape shots with and it is looooong! Also, I find it to be just as forgiving as my old 917 D2 and quite a bit longer, especially on mishits!

  7. Great video as always James – you have become my favorite YouTuber and I'm spreading the word in forums. I posted a link of your second Ping factory tour on My Golf Spy and people really enjoyed it! Thanks for the effort and the thoughts – even if you do "over think" 🙂

  8. Definitely a good video to watch James, doesn’t matter which driver done what on each hole it’s all down to the pilot as you would say, and because we are human that’s what happens some great drives and some not as good that’s golf, I think you’ll stick with your M3 as you’ve got history with it but the Titleist TS3 is giving you a little problem, good time to decide during the I hate hate hate the winter let’s hope it’s a mild one and we can get some golf in without everybody looking like ninjas. Going now so let’s do it now✋

  9. I've just bought a new driver, cobra f8. Tested the ping g400 max and the taylormade m3. It all came down to accuracy for me and the cobra was miles ahead. Horses for courses

  10. If you can test these and get a feel for them it would be hard choice to make. All individual really. Good test though James as it’s on the course where it matters.

  11. James keep doing what you're doing, by far the best reviews at mo. Im $650aus down because of your TS reviews I didn't think anything would knock the g400 max out but the Ts2 easily beats it.

  12. Another great video James, Just out of curiosity, is golf really popular over there, seems like everytime you are on the course there is no one else around that I can see. I think all those drivers performed well, heck id buy the Mizuno just because of the cool blue color. It looks like you need an assistant to help out with camera stuff and putting on driver head covers…..

  13. Game the TS, James. I’ve been searching for a driver for years. Constantly buying and selling them. Always looking for the next best thing. Finally found it – TS2. It’s amazing.

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