22 Replies to “Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Not Buy a VW Golf GTI”

  1. My father has owned the original GTI that he bough in Germany. My family has owned VW's all there life and I continued the tradition and I have a MK5 Golf. It can be a bitch to work on but I love every second of it.

  2. Well…. I actually owned the first Golf VR6 in the market, I mean the first one on the road. Pure dynamite, eating asphalt, tires, break pads, clutch pads. I loved it, hated it. First year I had to return it to the dealer 25 times. For me, never Volkswagen again. But the fabulous sound still haunts me 👍

  3. GTI is amazing car,just a bit overhyped.The whole time you were talking about people that drive it and stereotypes that surround it not the actual performance and quality.

  4. Suspension is sporty which is stiff. Decent speed. Good brakes. It cam certainly over pass with ease. You can park in most spaces. I am a GTI owner, and its a great car to drive, not boring and feels high end, maintenance is expensive though. But it drives nice.

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