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  1. RJ, im playing tour3 i was on 143 trophy but after that when i win i dont go up and if i lost it goes down, now im on 135 but I won 3 games and still on 135

  2. Can someone please post a legit link where I can hack "coins, gems and or clubs?"
    I would appreciate it hugely!!! I have run into many bs links… very frustrating!
    And… Is there any way to hack or access "solo play" for practice?

  3. Overall this is pretty good, but I have to disagree about the Sniper… maybe the most useful club in the game. 50% of games go to shootouts, for which the sniper is almost always the best club for because of its accuracy and ball guide. PLEASE don't overlook the Sniper, it is critical especially if you're not a master at guessing where the ball will go without ball guide.

  4. I have the boomerang 90% of the time I use it I either land close or make the shot with back spin. But I agree with the accuracy but to me it wasn't a issue since I land perfect shots on it.

  5. Hi RJ, I realize that I'm very late to the party on this video but hope you don't mind my question.

    I'm struggling to understand the importance (or lack of importance) of accuracy regarding drivers.

    Case in point, I've got a Rocket[6] with 202yd and 83 accuracy and an Extra Mile[3] with 224yd, 7 accuracy. Significantly better power with the Extra Mile but massively higher accuracy with the Rocket. Is accuracy irrelevant for woods? Even the Apocalypse only starts at 35 accuracy.

    What say you?

  6. I agree with most of what you say and your videos/comments have improved my game. I do like the Down in One however and have come with a way to “make” a ball guide that has helped and if I don’t make it, I am at least close.

  7. Cool episode ItsRJTV, great content-I enjoyed listening. Nice job responding to subscribers topic suggestion. I wish I'd come across this SEVERAL unnecessary upgrades ago (my own fault for not finding you on YouTube sooner)…I've wasted roughly 120,000 coins leveling up some wrenches that are clearly NOT worth the investments. Fantastic job providing some sound advice (with the logic and facts supporting your arguments), and placing the obsolete tools into their respective categories.I'm glad I have this information before I continue down the wrong paths☆Great work, thank you for another awesome video, cheers!!

  8. LOL dropping real money in this game is a fail, I have not dropped one cent and I have the extra mile level 6 and been playing for only 3 months. Does not matter because this lame game is just another pay to win junk, I am already bored of it and all the hackers!

  9. What are your thoughts on the Firefly? I’m surprised it’s only mentioned briefly, because I think the Firefly is my personal favorite in the entire game. I almost never miss a chip-in with it! The Hornet and B-52 are also favs of mine. Also, how’s the Houdini? I’ve been dying to get that club for WEEKS.

  10. dude,i never picked up the firefly but now horizon is up for grabs,i do have the guardian club leval 1,horizon has top spin of 74 verses 17 of viper,hon no backspin,i haven't played in couple days,im just collecting 3 hourly chests,thanks for your help you do a great job.

  11. RJ,is it a good thing to pick up the firefly club now buy for 500 hearts or I was going to buy platinum chest for 500 hearts….which way should I go?

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