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  1. Tommy, my good brotha, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR ALL THAT YOU DO! You are not only a professional Golf Clash player but an extremely informative and helping GOLF CLASH TEACHER OF THUS GAME! You have helped me out in soo many ways by not just playing the game but explaining in depth what, why and how you interpret each and every hole and how you go about playin each hole. I'pissed at myself for not getting a damn eagle on hole 5 par 5!! Oh well. I made up for it on hole 5. I'm on hole 9 and I'm currently praying I can eagle this last hole 9! Pray for me please! 😁😂. Peace and much live to you and all your close friends and and beautiful family. If i am not mistaken, you have a cute and adorable young angel daughter who will be extremely proud of you Tommy! Off the golf topic, she is an extremely lucky to have a father who I can tell is an extremely caring, "wheres your HEART on your sleeve and 1 who would kill if need be, you'd protect that adorable young gal with absolutely nothing holding you back and no rules applied! You are a man on an extremely important and informative mission! God bless you my brotha from anotha beautiful motha and god bless your entire close friends and beloved family! Please keep doing your thang homie and you will do everything positive with failure not even a question homie! Last but soo far from the main point is, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART MY HOMIE! MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH AN EXTREMELY POSITIVE, BUSY AND EXTREMELY POSITIVE NEW YEARS OUT!

  2. Thank you Tommy for the tutorial on rookie i got -13 on my could of got -14 but my game crashed when i was up on my last hole by the time the game reconnected i was short on time on my 2nd shot so i couldnt adjust properly and panic when i had 4 sec left to do my shot. Is anyone facing that issue in the game?

  3. You can go for the Hole-in-One on Hole 2 with a Power 3 ball, Extra Miler L4 or higher with zero bars topspin and 3 bars sidespin to the right and cutting the rough.
    I found this play much more consistent to hit correctly and avoid rough and bunker while falling closer to the pin each time as well while playing my beginner accounts. I kept fucking up my drives with marlin and bounce-cut at minimum distance.

  4. Your #8 on this video is different than your other guide. Which route do you recommend most? Do you have any advice on using a BT + power 4/sidespin 3 ball and curling right?

  5. I did EXACTLY what you said on 8 to try for a par 4 eagle, except my club did not reach as far, so I did max power and still
    Hit it perfect and it bounce into the water, so on hole eight make sure your club far enough to reach over the water on the bounce. Edit: I was using the rock instead of the extra mile which has a 7 yard difference on mine, I ended up somehow saving birdy after the water hazard, and after watching each hole on here before I played it, I got a -11, (ties for my best qualifying score) can’t wait for opening round when I can fix the mistakes I made and a
    Watch these bids again. I am a success story of GC Tommy!!

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