10 Replies to “Malaska Golf // The Best Way to Practice – Learning to Make Adjustments in your Golf Swing”

  1. Mike, I can't thank you enough for your instructional videos. I've been soaked in them for a few months now. I've added 30-40 meters to my drives, 1 to 2 irons less for the same distance and hitting fairly straight up the middle with zero effort. The swinging down and out with the vertical pivot points and the hand drills, hockey grip drill, one hand swing drills and 4 step over the shoulder, pivot, extend swing drill have given me tremendous control and club speed. I've stopped throwing my hips and started using offsetting forces on the down swing and follow through…much easier to let the club do the work for you..I was doing it all wrong and trying to make something harder than it is for so long. I made 6 birdies in the last two rounds I played, which I haven't had 6 birdies all season…three in a row on the back 9 last time. Golf Magazine has it all wrong…you aren't in the top 100 teachers..you're numero uno in my books! I wish I had found you years ago. Thanks for all that you do and making golf simple and fun again!!

  2. Hope some of these guys will apply this on the practice green: I have met so many with a bag of 50 to hundred balls and would chip/ pitch to one flag. Before u know it they have covered half the practice green with their balls. Furthermore where’s the rest of us gonna pitch to?

  3. I love practicing more than playing but I only practice on the course by playing 3 or 4 balls on every hole.
    I find this kind of practice beats whacking balls at the range since you get the time between most shots and you get more exercise and you also only need to have one membership.

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