1. All going down the £500 route, how do they expect anyone but the rich affording this? Golf is starting to become elitist again, and any potential new golfers, seeing decent equipment at this price, may well think again about taking up Golf. Golf is dying a slow death, the Golf Clubs have listened, and are doing what they can, the manufacturers, are now the ones making Golf unaffordable for many #rantover

  2. When you did the review for the rogue subzero last year you said it set up a little more neutral and that the ball kind of fell slightly to the right out of the sky. I was hitting the epic at that time and made the switch to rogue subzero after watching you review and I found the same to be true. Can the same be said for epic flash subzero as rogue subzero or does it play and set up more like epic?

  3. Hi rick, I’ve been watching your YouTube videos and I love what you do. I was just wondering if you had any advice that you could give me as I’m currently working at a golf club as an assistant looking to start the PGA course in August/September. I currently play off of 7 and need to be off of 4. I have come down a long way as I’ve been playing golf only 2.5 years and started off at 36. What would you recommend?

  4. Well its all over now, the super computer has designed the best driver possible so no more new drivers then!!! I have old Epic and love it not bothered that my mates might get the latest version, I will be hitting the green with a 9 iron whilst the use a PW.

  5. @rickshiels Hey my friend writing from Augusta.
    Quick question with all the top brands switching to "speed foam" what is holding back callaway from doing so with there irons like Tm, Titleist, Ping, PXG. just curiosity! Love the channel and all the things you do to further the sport!

  6. Awesome review as always…And we all love to get excited about the new shiny gear…but the marginal performance gains from this one (or the M5/6) that pros like Rick see not going to be replicated by the average punter out there, who should keep his 500 quid in his back pocket…go and buy a 1-2 year old Cobra f7, or Ping g400…awesome drivers, now with great price tags…and with the right shaft will perform just as well as the new stuff

  7. Great review as always Rick. If I am not going to see a +10 yard gain, I'm not spending $500.00 + on a driver. Irons and wedges is where the scoring takes place.

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