17 Replies to “2018 A McYear in McReview”

  1. McGolf, I'm in rainy Washington State and got some new irons but the grips weren't quite right for me. Should I have the new grips installed now or wait until the weather gets a little dryer? I'm able to play with the grips that are on the irons now but they are a bit small.

  2. Thank you so much for the year of content! You'd think by now I'd have seen everything there's to see… But each new video proves me wrong!

    (Best ending of any YouTube video award goes to this one for sure!)😆

  3. Happy New Year Jim
    I was wondering if you could explain your frequency matching chart in some detail, your previous videos only show you looking at the chart, i would like to understand it fully.
    Thanks again for all the great contact over the last year.

  4. As a subscriber, I've seen all your videos and have enjoyed them, being that clubfitting and clubmaking is my "avocation". But I've just seen the quiet desperation in your reaction to telemarketers…your expression on video pretty much sums up how we all feel. Just goes to show we aren't that different after all…LOL.

  5. I think your reviewing 2018…right? If there is one thing that I don't understand is the frequency matching aspect. Could you explain that once again so that I (a knucklehead) can understand it?

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