14 Replies to “Golf Clash LIVESTREAM, Qualifying round – Master division – Winter Slopes Tournament!”

  1. Tommy, you are awesome. Thank you so much. I will definitely go online and make a donation. I would never have qualified for my first masters tourney without this, much less qualify so high! Thank you sir!

  2. Is this really where our world is by sponsoring some kid to sit at home and play a Golf game on his tablet??? I play Golf Clash as well and not knocking the game I am knocking everyone who sends a stranger money because he is playing a Golf Game I mean come on guys!! The money ur sending him to do absolutely no good with u should send to some of the really awesome charities out there who could desperately use the money! How about this start up ur own Live feed doing something u love and invite this dude to ur channel and I am willing to bet that he doesnt send u a penny or even acknowledge u!! PLEASE stop sending ur hard earned money to someone sitting in their apt with a sheet up and playing a Golf game on their tablet! There are so many crazy things going on in this world that he should be the furthest thing from receiving donations!!! Also for those who are new he is not a great Golf player he is someone who has mastered a wind assistant app which allows him to put up monster scores with really minimal skill! The wind assistant app helps him set up every shot perfectly so all he has to do is literally just take the shot!! It is identical to playing Black Jack against someone who has a card counting app connected to the game so he wins every hand and celebrates like he is earning everything when he's actually cheating! Then all these people send him money because hes winning at Black Jack it's all a joke!! These wind assistant apps are literally helping people cheat at Golf Clash and I think shouldn't be allowed!! No one should have clear advantages because of an assistant app that makes the game easy as hell for u!! PLEASE people wake up! U have money to send this guy to play a game? Think of all the hungry children in the world who would do anything for something to eat so next time u want to send this guy ur money think of all the hungry children out there!! Guy starts playing Golf Clash, gets an app that helps him cheat so he is winning all the tournaments and he is being rewarded by the public donating money to him to PLAY AN ONLINE GOLF GAME!!! Sorry this was long but it really bothers me that people are sending this guy money to sit home and play a Golf game when there are so many charities that desperately need all the money they can get!! Play Golf Clash straight up with no wind assistant apps to cheat then u will get credit for being good but until then cheaters aren't winners!!!

  3. Great Round Tommy. Hopefully you will be providing a Playthrough with wind for Masters. It was soooo helpful in the last tournament, as opposed to when you skipped in the previous. Please include one this time too?!? Thanks!!!

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