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  1. Hey Eric great video just want to know what shoulder does starts the takeaway the left or the right shoulder some teachers teach that you should move the right shoulder to move the club back what do think the left or right shoulder?

  2. Thanks for this video Eric! I have been golfing for 50 years and have never seen or been told that the shoulder turn is actually a body bend. I went out just now and had the most fun I have had on the golf course in years hitting the ball far and straight.

  3. What negative impacts do you anticipate if at the end of the back swing the lead shoulder "rises" in an effort to gain more vertical lift on the club. What I mean by rising at the end of the back swing is similar to shrugging the lead shoulder upward as opposed to keeping the left shoulder lower with a downward pressure at the end of the back swing. I've experienced that if the left shoulder "rises" at the end of the back swing it will change the pivot point of the swing from being low and connected to the body to a disconnected high left shoulder socket.

  4. Great video Eric !! Working on my own with no lessons other than trial and error , and of course tips like this . This same concept put so many pieces together to where i can actually control my shots Found Tom Watson preaches this same advice .Keep up the great video lessons .. i will be watching …..

  5. Eric the right shoulder high and low thing… Can you please elaborate and explain why right shoulder height at impact affects curvature. I'm assuming it has to be directing path in some way.

    All I can think is swinging right is in a way away from your body and right shoulder would need to feel higher to do that and likewise swinging left and across your body would need a deeper inside aka lower feel.

    All this assumes neither is over the top.

    Can you please elaborate?

  6. Great video. Took me years of lessons and watching videos with nobody everbody trying to correct my shoulders. Now I completely understand why I have trouble with keeping my hands in the takeaway. Thanks Eric!

  7. Eric: I really like your new visuals /graphics. It reinforces the thing you’re demonstrating when you see it on the screen. Keep up the fine work. I think you’re one of the best most original teachers on the Internet. I agree with the guy I who said you deserve a bigger audience.

  8. This turned a light on for me. Lowering left shoulder and finishing higher with my right shoulder helped me from “blocking” especially with my driver. Also helped me in “shallowing “ my irons club just drops automatically because of higher right shoulder on backswing with weight shift on downswing. Your explanations really resonate for me, I feel guilty that I’m getting this excellent instruction for free. I’ve paid big money for some “professional” instructions over the years and none of them made as much sense as you do. Thank you, I look forward to the day when I see your name on the list of top 100 instructors in Golf Digest where you belong.

  9. Awesome info Eric. I suffer from this issue of a flat backswing rotation and arms floating away from my body. Still having issues, but this vide is helping. Any other drills I can due to keep my left shoulder down and keep my arms in closer to my body on my backswing?

  10. Man, I figured out the high- shoulder draw thing kinda by chance. It never occurred to me to do the opposite for a fade(duh). I was working so hard against myself trying to fade with the same high shoulder feel (and a four-knuckle grip to boot). No wonder my fade’s been MIA. Great vid, as usual.

  11. Great video, Eric. Where were you 45 years ago when I developed a flat shouldered take-away? Somehow I manage to set the club in the right position at the top and maintain a low handicap. I've really been working on a lower left shoulder on the take-away and have found that to be a more natural move if I also focus on staying centered over the ball. While keeping my sternum over the ball I feel a little more weight on my left foot and a lowering of the left shoulder. This move has resulted in way fewer thin-feeling shots. I have not transferred this take-away to my driver (yet) but I think there's more tolerance for flat shoulders with the driver.

  12. Why do people use a "questioning" voice inflection when making a statement? It sounds really dumb.
    Having gotten that off my chest, yes!…shoulder plane is a mostly overlooked yardstick, and the vast majority of golfers, including many pros, are too flat. We humans are vertically oriented, and subconsciously return to vertical when swinging. Re-learning in order to get the correct angle is hard, but well worth the effort, as it cures many other swing faults.

  13. I've had some issues with this my whole golfing life. I think it started when you tried to get the toe pointing to the sky after the takeway.
    These days I'm constantly working on my shoulder movement and the main reason I still want to move the shoulders flat is that I feel like I have more space/room to swing back there.
    Best drill I've found to feel the right movement is without a club. Hands on the chest and then swing back and through. For me the impact position is the most difficult to reach since I'm not that flexible.

    Great advice!
    Viking, Sweden

  14. it’s crazy but flaring my back foot and changing my swing path with the driver led to 8 of 9 fairways with ~ 15-20 yards more distance. i added the the front shoulder dip on my irons and was much more consistent. For whatever reason(s) your instruction methods work for me. greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge. i know i sound like a paid poster but for the first time my game is evolving. at 52 i never thought i’d ever see this much improvement. my sons and wife were in awe. thank you!

  15. I have never seen the issue of 'shoulder lean' discussed before and it makes great sense. As someone who rolls their wrists on the backswing I will be trying to lower my left shoulder as per the guidance on the video. Thanks very much Eric.

  16. I have watched hundreds of instructional videos on YouTube, and this is one of the VERY best I have seen. I have watched a ton of your videos, and I really enjoy your ability to clarify your thoughts in a very helpful approach to teaching the intricacies of golf. Keep up the good work sir!

  17. Eric,

    Great video. This and your takeaway video is solving my long time early extension and flipping problem. I am 67 and a 7 handicap. Now getting solid contact and 20 % more length. Shot 75 today on a tough course. As you said, a big root cause is rolling the forearms and not rotating the left shoulder down.

  18. {A L L … Eric's vids are classic-info-bursts} … n i c e !
    The backswing-shoulder-feel … on it's own … is classic
    Then Eric follows with a downswing-shoulder-feel …. classic …
    _ Plus __ we get a "Signature Spielberg Broadcast" –> @ 7:52
    _ I’m sort of imagining I’m Tiger … minus the bankroll ..… & other things 😉 _

  19. Fantastic. I had never considered the shoulder movement and it's effect on ball flight. I'm eager to give this a try although I'm still working hard to ingrain the proper take away, wrist conditions (trying to eliminate cupped wrist and replace with bowed or flat wrist) and improve my hip rotation. All of this is what your videos have taught me, but a little worried about adding more swing thoughts re: shoulder feels until I've cemented those other swing patterns I've learned from your videos. Regardless, great as always and thanks yet again.

  20. Great video Eric.. I once heard Justin Rose talking about the high right shoulder to produce a draw pattern. Question.. while working on high right shoulder, how open more or less should the chest-shoulders be to target at say p6 an on would you say?? Thanks for the great videos👊

  21. You deserve more subscribers for this kind of content. There are others that have 10-15 times your subscribers that are not even qualified to wipe your nose. You are picking up on a lot of very common faults that i don’t see other instructors describe as well as you. Great stuff, thank you.

  22. My biggest problem for years at the top has been a laid off club.
    Explaining the takeaway as you have has turned a light on in that
    a lower left shoulder promotes a steeper backswing.
    The problem is I’ve been taking it back flat with my elbows out
    as you said and have been doing this for at least 35 years.
    I’m fairly confident that this won’t be an overnight fix for
    me after that length of time.The funny thing is is that l
    have been able to play to a 4 handicap with this swing flaw.
    I guess they say if you do anything wrong long enough,you can make
    it work, but I always knew it didn’t feel right. We’ve never had the luxury
    of being able to video tape ourselves with our phones in the past.
    This has enabled us to see what our swings really look like as opposed to how they feel,
    and to some of us it’s a rude awakening.
    The videos you put out are invaluable , many thanks Eric.

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