24 Replies to “GOLF’S NEW FRONTIER! Under Par Passport – Jordan”

  1. Subscribed to this channel purely based on vids like these. Not overly interested in the course vlogs and tips etc, just hooked on quest for the open, fsx and these gems, top notch 👍

  2. Best video since the Spain trip, I love the travel stuff Peter, I love the putting series and the course vlogs, but the travel stuff is great. Hopefully this Under Par Passport series is going to run for a while.

  3. The snorkelling looked fabulous. I’d love to try that not least because my daughter loves her snorkelling. Mind you she’s only 7 and I can’t pretend that I wouldn’t be a bit nervous about it as a destination for a family holiday. Great video though.

  4. Amazing Content as ever Pete. Happy new year. Hope there are alot more vlogs like this.
    Really liked the culture pieces, makes a stronger case for me when suggesting holiday destinations with the other half… look at what we could do.. aswell as me playing golf.. 😁.

    Keep up the great work.

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