23 Replies to “Low Spin Monster! TaylorMade M5 First Hit”

  1. Consistently driving 325 down the middle of the fairway are only "decent" numbers? With that distance and accuracy who cares what the spin, speed, launch, etc. are? And I'd call those numbers "Fantastic!!!" Here' hoping you have a great year. Thanks for all the good content.

  2. Mr. Finch! I only have a Facebook AND I am located in Washington D.C., but should you find yourself here, I WANT A MONEY-MATCH! My current handicap is 10.6 and, after watching you for a year plus, I have created my own Quest for the (Maryland) Open. You have a friend here should you find yourself this direction!

  3. Love the money match idea…great PR. You know who to call if you're ever in Oz 😂 Someday…me…you…sandbelt course…and Melbourne coffees.

  4. oh my goddddd low spin yes… love the sldr because its low spin aswell looks like ill have a replacement… im 6´8 so i need all the help to lower my spin rate i can get 🙂

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