1. When I saw the title of this video I didn’t know what to expect. Fast hands? Now I understand the concept and take it to the range. When I read other comments it seems I’m not the only one that’s wondering how to avoid tension in the wrist and forearms with this concept. Any thoughts on that Chris?

  2. The one handed swing looks like a great drill to do while waiting to get on the tee box. It's ironic, we use the expression of 'soft hands' in hockey. The hands are firm on stick but the more fluid they are the better control of the puck in handling, passing, and shooting. Just saying…both sports are so similar in such a way (mechanics) that my mentality in golf hasn't accepted it yet. Thanks, again, CR, for another great video which seems to sprout up to coincide with my current golf woes. Tony Finau is awesome! I want to see him win a Major this year! 👍⛳🏌

  3. Chris, at 4:20 you talk about releasing the club and having a gap at the end of the follow through. I find that my club does that but I always thought that it was because I was not gripping the club firm enough – as I have small hands. So is it ok for the club to move like that because of momentum? Great video as always. 😁

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