23 Replies to “Rory McIlroy’s Round 2 highlights from Sentry 2019”

  1. So here’s the question about Rory McIlroy and anybody else on the PGA Tour this season not named Tiger Woods: Will anybody care what they do?” Given Tiger’s miraculous comeback last year, he’ll suck up all of the oxygen surrounding the sport.

  2. Looking forward to this season and rors really going for majors again has the game to win them maybe new putter can help I see he's changed again so good luck to him…… I recently got odyssey red henrik stenson one and putting really well with it tho putting has always been my best asset my mates say I could put with any putter lol 😂 now if I could just sort my chipping out

  3. 5mins without a single highlight of his driver is crazy. Thanks for the approach shot and putting highlights though. It'd serve the editors well to look at the European Tour videos though – less putts and more full shot highlights .

  4. So its 2019 and we are still doing the ball mid air zoom in?? instead of shot tracers where we could actually see the skill in the shots not just the ball flying in the air? There should be shot tracers on every shot but chipping and putting

  5. My computer has a glitch and is skipping all of McIlroy's drives. Anyone have the same issue? I'm sure it has to be my computer cause the PGA Tour wouldn't be that stupid to not show arguably the best driver of the ball hitting any drives.

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