28 Replies to “TaylorMade M5 Driver I Gear Review I Golf Monthly”

  1. Hi Neil, I always value the reviews Golf monthly do for us all but can’t help but feel that leaving the clubhead speed off the results is unfair – for obvious reasons.

  2. I play the 440cc R9 and found the Motore 65g shaft that suits my swing best. I prefer the accuracy and feel of the old R9 compared to the M1. Getting 280-310 outta old technology. Can't justify spending a fortune for tiny gains if any

  3. Bring the price down to £300 i may give it a try prices are killing the game but suckers will buy this thinking they will get more distance 😁🤔 co concentrate on direction and forgiveness and you won't go far wrong. More bull from Tmade I'll stick with my Epic thank you.

  4. Proved the point ….you can only make them more efficient on miss hits. All these drivers hit on the screws will go the same distance within a couple yards.

  5. Nice review but I read somewhere think it was mygolfspy that Taylornade are using c.o r to measure if there club is legal but actually the usga use ct to measure. I'm sure you guys know that answer more than me though😀

  6. Good review but there's absolutely no way that a mass produced golf club will be CT tested…then have foam injected and them CT tested again…zero percent chance of that happening

  7. Great test, Neil. I like the parameters of which shots you excluded. My only nit with the new TM drivers is the price increase over the previous. It encourages me to keep playing my M1.

  8. Marketing BS IMO. I can't believe a mass produced driver will have every individual face tested and the correct amount of foam inserted in each one. Yeah next Santa Claus exists absolute marketing twaddle.

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