1. Firstly, great to see you putting out course vlog’s and how you apply course management to your style of play. Now the rant, it’s probably worth paying some attention to the model/approach most golf clubs or equipment manufactures adopt. It’s all driven by the consumers who all have a choice in regards to the golf clubs they wish to play (join), the equipment they want to use and the clothing they wish to wear, dependent on their budget.

    You make the same choices when buying clothing, why buy Nike when Primark would suffice? People will always have aspirations to buy the best things they can afford. It’s called consumerism and it’s what drives the world we live in. Without it, golf clubs wouldn’t exist, club manufactures would go bust and people will resort to hitting a rubber ball around a ploughed field to hole distinguished by a stick with a piece of rag tied to it. Perhaps that’s what you want but until Armageddon we are stuck with the shit we have now.

    I'm a peace-loving decoy…

  2. Played Frodsham a few times last year, good course with some fun and challenging holes. I recommend, plus they always have good offers on for buggies, golf and a round. Good course and cheap for the quality.

  3. Frodsham has come a long way. Being a junior member at Runcorn Golf Club as a kid, Frodsham was the private elitist club, to see it now as you describe is good to see! I can also vouch this course is “always dry”!

  4. I started playing golf at 27. And rocked up to my local course with absolutely no clue. I just enjoyed hitting that white ball. Thank god for the friendly/helpful members. Makes a huge difference.

  5. Really liked it, Robin, and I could not agree more. There are those courses that make you feel at home, and others that make me ask, what am I doing here? I didn’t think 24 minutes was too long. Great video! Thanks!

  6. Hi Robin, You course Vlog really well and I don't disagree with anything you say. You do mention respecting staff which is completely right. Please don't forget to mention the ground staff who are mostly unseen, but do a hugely important role. Repairing pitch marks, divots and raking bunkers on camera is a great positive to demonstrate this and also sets a great example to new and fellow golfers. I hope you agree. Thanks for making watchable content. I love the non conformist in you and in golf this is a rare commodity. Keep it up buddy! Andy

  7. Good video Robin ,pleased it's working out for you ,maybe Frodsham will plough a railway line down the side of the course to make you really feel at home .

  8. Ha Robin: l got the secret of golf: Simply swing the club with your fucking arms! 😃and then🙏. O my God; palms together for a perfect neutral grip. Another golden gem found. As usual love all the Vids from the most hated man in golf. Cheers! And don't be afraid to get excited over a great shot. After all you are only human. As far as the occasional bad shot. FUCK THEM All!!! Ha Ha

  9. See this alot. Dads buying everything under the sun almost forcing it upon the kid. One in particular dad pays for lessons a 16 year old- kid- has calloway rougue set complete from driver to irons and unfourtanantly kid sucks for how much is being soent on him.

  10. Awesome yet again mate great sense of humour can’t get enough of these videos remember mate relax relax gravity still waiting for me shout out mate hahahahaha

  11. 🙂 dude you just gotta embrace what it is and add your own slant to it, as rediculous as the snobery is there are plenty of real people in golf as well. You can find the real playa's and just find the humour in the "new gear guy" swanning aorund the clubhouse but shooting 100 on the course.
    Let your play do the talking or not :-).

    I agree it would be cool if driving ranges offered a free initial lesson or had a person walking the range offering help.

    I often see "pros" in the clubhouse with free time and wonder why don't they wander around the practice greens and just offer some advice on chiping/putting and introduce themselves etc.

  12. Nothing is daunting unless your mind allows it to be . Be the boss , take control of any situation – make others feel intimidated by your confidence. Positive body language , firm handshake and a loud voice – people take less than 2 seconds to form an opinion of someone when seeing then for the first time .

  13. Played frodsham a few week ago very friendly staff and for winter time its a decent 7/10 but price wise was fantastic 4 ball with a breakfast and buggies £100 no brainer really

  14. Decent video… Nice to have less bad language… Defo more clubs with fwd thinking… The shire and the Grove in London are both top courses that have no dress code…
    U do make me laugh sometimes.. If u fancy hooking up at the Grove maybe… I'd be keen to do a joint vlog 😉

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