12 Replies to “Tom Watson on How To Improve Your Golf Grip | Golf Tips | Golf Digest”

  1. I own lessons of a lifetime and I will tell you it is bar none the best money you can spend on golf instruction (not including private lessons). It is by far the best instructional material I have ever seen. There is a ton of information so you need to watch the videos many times to take it all in but you will not be sorry you ordered this. He explains shaping shots, up and downhill lies, bunker shots, chipping, putting – basically everything you need to know to play golf.

  2. Centripetal force is correct ! This is what creates centripetal acceleration ! It is an inward force the hands etc. apply to the shaft thus club head speed is increased ! You would never have circular motion without centripetal force . The ball experiences the effects of that acceleration in the form of the imaginary force known as centrifugal force . Note the forces act on two different bodies , the ball and the golf club , independent of each other. The ball flies off on a line tangential to the arc of the club head . Straight if the swing is correct !!!! Few experience that !! Lag in the golf swing is all about getting into position to create centripetal force , no lag , no power !

  3. Yes ! I love the way he talked about the right hand being loose and firing through the shot; could really see his right hand turn over through impact. ! !

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