1. Thanks Alex, watched a few vlogger reviews of these and the new callaway and taylormade drivers now and your reviews are always entertaining where others can be a bit samey. Keep smiling and keep the dad jokes in there!

  2. I think the combo set looks interesting for those who need help hitting distance. For a CF16 player they are big draw. I don't care what they are called (re complaints)! Sorry JPX919's are not all that (apart from tour version). Wilson anybody? lol

  3. Do you know what stock graphite shafts will be offered with them? And also whether they will be sold as individualmirons rather than requiring buying a full set so one can mix and match with existing clubs one has, like hybrids and wedges

  4. Nice 🙂 I play the CF16 atm but going for a switch to the mizuno jpx 919 tour.
    Reasons: The cf16 are rockets. The bombers you get from time to time makes it kinda hard to feel 100 percent safe on distance. Most of the time I carry my 7i 165m, (round 180ish yards) but that one time, now and then, it just goes 15 yards longer. Most of the time it is just super, but that once or twice it just goes off. I love the looks of the mizuno, and the feel is insane, and I dont have to worry about a bomber.

  5. Excellent! I've been to the fitting center in Carlsbad and the folks at Callaway are awesome.
    Question, I'm a 12 handicap and don't play as much as I used to. Currently playing original Apex and wanted to step up to the new X forged because they are soooo lovely. Now the Apex 19's come out. Would I be better served using my head and ordering the the Apex or do I go with my heart and the X forged?

  6. How do you come up with intro’s🤣🤣🤣 now “live “ from the callaway room😜👍🏽👌🏽 and great review as always…..you are very impressed but would you have the apex pro’s instead of your MP18 blade -sc combo…?🤔😇

  7. Great review as usual!!!! Was wondering which shafts you were using in each club. Were they they stock Elevate(Apex) and the Elevate Tour(Apex Pro)? Thank you sir!!!

  8. Been loving these videos, I definitely think you guys should work on the audio quality and equipment. Throughout the video the quality changes and I had to adjust the volume a few times. Other than that great video

  9. I would never buy anything Callaway if for no other reason than their STUPID naming convention. Another reviewer stated their driver was design by artificial intelligence. Do they even know what AI is? I cannot believe the buying public is so stupid. Guess I'm wrong…

  10. Michael Munoz
    ​@ Trevor I'm assuming once Alex gets the exposure, beats RIck and the others for the match, his subscribers will increase 10x easy. You heard it here first!

  11. Urgh 1am GMT..come on big A…time you did some nighttime reviews! 🤭👍👌…although you can smile in the knowledge that hundreds of commuters will be enjoying their journey to work watching this at 8am!

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