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  1. You guys do a good job reviewing. However, At $500+, I the drivers are crap. At $400, I might pick it up and give it a waggle. At $300, I might give it a test and consider it.

  2. When someone from out of town comes to txg for a fitting, for example someone needs to get a flight from the states, probably get a hotel for the night etc. how do you go about fitting a full set of irons and woods, testing/building/gapping all in one session? Or what’s the normal process? I assume typically someone that lives close would come in for one session and get fit and then the clubs get ordered and built, then when they arrived you go back in for a second gapping fine tune session. But how does the process work for those that have to travel a fair distance?

  3. I've noticed that the swingweight of drivers is running lighter, assuming lighter equates to faster clubhead speed. I was reading about Ben Hogans clubs and his spec's and noticed that the article claimed that Ben's driver came in at G2, the heaviest they had ever measured. Would it benefit a player with a slower swingspeed to play with a driver that is heavier? If a slower swinging player could increase his clubhead speed with a shorter heavier driver, would he gain distance? I built a lightweight 47" driver with a 190 gram head with a 45 gram shaft and 26 gram grip, I lost distance over my 45"' standard driver. Thanks for your comments. I would like to see you guys tinker with different weighted driver heads.

  4. so I want to build my son a set of titleist blade irons. I have no clue of what shafts to get for someone so short. I want to stick with steel shafts on his irons and wedges. He would need super flexible and super light shaft. Any suggestions on cheap iron shafts for kids?? He's only 2 weeks old now so I have a little time to get some older model MB irons and recondition them so he's ready to hit the course with me.

  5. Ian – will definitely give these a hit, but , from same country as your homeland ,the colour would also be an issue for me,would be a custom order,PS headcover as well

  6. How do you decide how to buy an iron? No iron ticks every box for me. I prefer to align blades. They make me more dialled with SP/CFA but for example the apex mb dont come with the shafts I want ( DG AMT X100) and the mp18 are just a hair too low spinning but I enjoy the heavier weight… OR do you go slightly less playable yet forgiving 919 tours or apex pro '19's (still d2). It seems like an impossible choice. Have hit all of them and they all perform similarly but do you ever sacrafice spin for swingweight or forgiveness for accuracy? It's an absolute nightmare, the only thing I know is I would like new irons but I'm in a bit of a pickle to be honest.

  7. I'm glad to see such honest reviews from you guys. Rather than buy this or that, you always recommend getting fit. I went for a driver fitting a month ago, but couldn't quite get everything dialed in. I am a little outside in with driver (2 degrees) but struggle with closing the face and spin the ball a ton. Rogue subzero was closest, but the face was just a tad too open. I'm interested to see if flash subzero with weight towards the heel is going to be the answer. Going to find out in a few months when I try again.

  8. It’s crazy how much better your quality of videos are compared to most others from YouTube. I appreciate the fact you guys have conversations and not cut scenes from a drone or other useless gimmicks to spice up a video 👍

  9. My dear friends at TXG, thank you for your continued delivery of unbias reviews. In fact, many of the channels I watch and follow, like yourself, expressed caution and recommended a full personal evaluation before buying. Time is on the buyer's side for sure. Question: which shaft was Matt using on the two heads? Please give full details the ones used…thank you.

  10. Is it time to start talking about driver technology reaching its peak? Callaway has used A.I. to game out 34 years of technology and it only produces similar ball speed, launch and distance numbers compared to the 2018 Ping G400? I might not need a new driver until the year 2053!

  11. What is the weight of the new epic head? Do you guys recommend drivers based on typical miss pattern or do you typically fit the good one. I ask because it seems like if you are a high toe misser that rogue might not work out so good.

  12. Great Stuff Guys! I think they used a lighter shaft vs Rouge when I swung it the other day. How that new Mizuno driver?? Again, I know I can get unbiased info from you guys!

  13. Question: How does Matt get a 315 carry on a 170s ball flight?

    How inaccurate are the ball speed reading on tour? Rory hardly ever goes under 180mph and is rarely achieving 310 carries….

    I have heard Bubba Watson complain about this on a golf.com video out there saying such.

  14. Just hit the regular flash for the first time last night. Wasn't a fan of the color scheme at all but It was definitely longer than my 2017 M2. I just wanna try the other new stuff before i pull the trigger on anything.

  15. The smash factor on the Callys were lower than I expected, and a decent bit lower than the Ping. Is that something that you’re seeing regularly?

  16. Great video as always guys well done, agree on the color scheme it’s awful… hearing seriously good things about the new mizuno st190 coming out and the amount of tour player not contracted using it be very interesting to see how it goes when u guys get a chance to review it 👍

  17. Matt's smash factor seemed to be a bit higher on the Ping, But they were both struck similarly. Is there a reason for the epic to be a bit lower? or was it all down to strike?

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