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  1. Fantastic video lads, as always.
    I've got a vlog series coming out soon that's been a 12 months project on drivers and fittings, so should be interesting on how my data stacks up being a slow swing speed. Keep it up gents, love it!

  2. Another very informative video. Just wondering has the weight track in the Epic Flash changed at all from the original Epic? Does it extend further toe to heel or has the movable weight increased?

  3. At least the reps and marketing are getting away from “this driver is 14 yards longer than…” now it’s all about “this club has faster ball speed”

  4. Is Matt's more positive AOA causing more dynamic loft? Therefore now creating more spin with the Rogue? I'm not quite sure how dynamic loft affects flight/spin etc. that's why I'm asking.

    Really like the idea of testing the newest version of a club vs its predecessor.

    Keep at it guys, your killing it!

  5. I’d be interested to know what the difference in vertical strike was between the two tests. It looked like the rouge had lower impact. Would that contribute to higher spin? If so roughly how many RPM?

  6. Gentlemen, I very much enjoy your videos and learn a great deal. However, I believe you (and many others) have Callaway's marketing incorrect. The Epic Flash is not a replacement for the Rogue, it is a replacement for the original Epic. similar to TaylorMade, they have two different parallel lines, Epic (M3/5) and Rogue (M4/M6) , the difference is that each is going to have a two year cycle (discounts notwithstanding) so that there is new product every other year for their top two lines so they don't necessarily take away from each other. People who purchased the first Epic are more likely to purchase this and Rogue buyers may wait a year. Epic and Rogue clearly mirror the TM offerings.I think you'll find this to be true and their plan at least through 2020. Thanks for the videos.

  7. so why would the spin be cut so much? I thought that mainly the shaft profile controlled spin, not the head. I got fit for rouge sub and a tensei orange shaft due to my high spin. My current driver is a stock xr16 that spins around 3800, with the new driver I'm about 2200. ss 107 ballspeed 156, original distance about 275, new distance with rouge about 305. (note I'm at altitude 5300ft above sea level.

  8. Absolutely love your intricate and analytical reviews and comparisons,but I had a good laugh at Ian's answer to the rep it reminded me of Rab C Nesbit "give us break" ,the rep probably thought you were going to give him the Glasgow kiss 😀😀. Keep it up gents brilliant stuff

  9. The spin number difference is the main reason why they’re two different driver lines! At about the 10min 15 second marks you talk about the spin numbers. The Epic and Rogues are different lines! Rogue is higher spin for to prevent more curve for someone that hooks or slices the ball! The Epic line is built for maximum distance. You guys looked at the TS2 and TS3 as different drive lines! This is how you need to look at these two drivers too!

  10. Rogue and Flash are 2 Separate lines! Stop treating them like they are the same, the Flash isn’t nearly as forgiving as the Rouge, the Flash built for a lot more better players.

  11. You guys are the ultimate in club review. Technically proficient and enjoying to watch ! I have the Rouge SZ driver and SZ 3 & 5 metals. Interesting to see the Rouge is higher spinning. Have a long game fitting in 2 weeks, going to compare my Rouge SZ to a few different heads (standard Rouge, Epic Flash, maybe not Flash SZ, too low spinning) and see what’s best for me. Club head about 105-110 mph, ball speed about 150-155 mph.

  12. I have a 2014 Callaway Great Big Bertha with a new shaft in it that I got fitted for this past summer. I love the shaft and I was wondering if I could just buy an Epic Flash head and use it that way or should I try different shafts again?

  13. Great as always…….not sure if you’ve covered it, but for those like me who live multiple hour drive away from any decent launch monitor, I’d love to see a video with examples of how to notice what too low/ too high spin looks like on the course, same with launch. It would help give us a better understanding of maybe what adjustments need made. TXG however as already taught me so much more than I thought I knew, regarding the data. Thanks again!

  14. Does Flash sound that high pitched/metallic in person as it does from the audio in this video? If so… Yikes. To me, just not a very pleasant noise. That will absolutely suck to use with rock hard range balls, no?

  15. There is 3mph of ball speed gains (12:30 mark) in this test. Every year it seems to be 1-3mph in ball speeds gains. Throw this up against the XR and lets see if we've seen 5-8mph gains over the last 4 years. I understand spin is coming down, launch going up, side spin influencing dispersion more…But, we've been at the MOI driver cap for what 12-15 years now? Manufactures are inching "some" quantifiable gains every year.

  16. What you are not addressing is moi and dispersion and the Rogue outperformed Epic Flash even when you adjusted it. That is what made Ping G400 your most fitted driver of 2018. All the new drivers I have seen have went away from that and are back to chasing a few yards of extra distance except Cobra Speedback. It will be interesting to see Ping's new offering. A couple of yards more ain't worth a crap when more of them miss the fairway!

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