1. OMP… We can learn a lot from these much respected mature gentlemen. Patience, Tolerance, Kindness, RESPECT of others… And Golf! I learned this lesson back when I was 17 (52 now) paired with a gentleman who made me realize to slow down… Think before you hit, concentrate let alone practice. I played horrible that day, he primarily parred every hole. It took years for that advice to sink in. Love and gratitude and much respect from an American in Michigan (2 hcp).

  2. Wonderful, BUT why do the yardages confuse the hell out of me. 500yd hole with 190 to the ditch, OMP hits a 3 wood just short (say 185) TWO more three woods and he's still got 100yds to the green. Surely these don't make sense. It means the 2nd and 3rd 3 woods were hit appx.105 yds each

  3. Awesome course management Pat! I'm wondering how you would apply your techniques to a course you hadn't played before. I find that when I am playing a new course one of the reasons my score suffers is due to my lack of understanding of the best way to get around. Go OMP!

  4. Pat.. I'd love to see you do a video on how you might play different chipping scenarios around the green. (Like different elevations and different amounts of green to work with and such)
    Your knowledge and wisdom reminds me of splinter from teenage mutant ninja turtles. and I suppose that makes liam a bit of a Michaelangelo!

  5. Omp top class golf with brains.
    Liam I would like omp to take u out on the course and for him to intruck you on course management.
    You must do and play the shot as he sees it.
    And let's see your score.
    Lol knotty.

  6. Go OMP, I would pay to watch him play,a real gentleman as well, must be a real honour to play golf with him and have a few pints with. I would like to see him give the Wilson ultra's a spin on a vlog,what do you think Liam ??

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