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  1. Unless you have an older driver it doesn't seem worth the money to replace your current gamer. I will still test them when available but doubtful that I would spend the money for basically the same results.

  2. Hi, why did you take out miss hits when the whole selling point of the m6 is higher COR from across the whole club face. We all know if a clubs hit out of the sweet spot that they all pretty much got the same distance. Thanks Andy

  3. Thanks for the review Neil, basically striping away the Marketing/Tech speak there is only an incremental improvement from the new and previous models.
    But I just don't believe the TM story line with "Speed Injected Twist Face", this is classic TM Marketing Bull Shit! Knowing how bad their quality control is, do they seriously want us to believe each club is inspected/measured and they injected EVERY head with the exact amount of resin to get EVERY driver to the absolute limit of COR. I smell TM BS here! The give away is that the USGA & R&A measurement is no longer a measurement of COR!
    When will TM learn that not every Golfer is STUPID!

  4. Love the look of the new M6, and the performance is amazin but, I wouldn’t buy it because I don’t like the way TM as a brand, is run or come across. Like the review tho Neil, just enjoy watching you swing, good to watch 👍🏌️‍♂️

  5. If you get more miss hits with one driver more than the other then maybe That driver is not as good
    2 mph more with the M6 but 23% more off centre hits and a larger percentage missing the fairway
    And No extra distance uuuuum🤔

  6. If there is a difference between the M4 and M6 it is in appearance rather than performance. If I was looking for a TaylorMade driver, I would buy an M4 as soon as they go on sale, and save more than enough to buy another fairway wood or hybrid. B-T-W, my driver is a Callaway Epic, with a 44' Fujukura Speeder 661 shaft – I did not lose ANY swing speed with the shorter shaft and hit more fairways due to increased control.

  7. Not with the extra $. However, I have the M5 M6 hack: remove the screws, loosen the resin with a small drill, dump out the loose resin, reinstall the screws. 10 extra mph clubhead speed. Mission accomplished.

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